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    PRAC-TEC® Polishing Bench "SPEEDyMASTER"

    Item No. 3305: The SPEEDyMASTER is powerful as well as compact and handy. Optimal for use at "Point of Sale". With variable speed from 900 up to 4.700 U/Min.


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    • Powerful as compact and handy
    • 2 Spindles, brushes up to Ø 130 mm
    • Multispeed from 900 up to 4.700 rpm.
    • Incl. Filter exhausting system, 500 m³/h
    • 2 x bright LED Light
    • Optimal for use at "Point of Sale"
    • For regular and intense use we recommend our top seller "PRAC-TEC POLY-MASTER II Vario"

    Are you looking for a polishing machine for the restauration and polishing of watch straps and watch cases? Do you need a compact polishing bench for your showrooms to quickly polish your customers' watches? A polishing motor for the point of sale?
    Our PRAC-TEC SPEEDyMASTER was developed exactly for these purposes. In addition to its powerful motor and seamlessly adjustable speed, it is especially characterized by its compact and elegant design, which makes it perfect for the point of sale. And to protect your health and keep your store clean, the device is equipped with a powerful exhausting system for dust extraction.

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