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    Work Bench Lamp "LED 24 PRO"

    Item No. LED24PRO: LED Work Bench Lamp "LED 24 PRO" with full daylight spectrum, dimmable 100 -1%, glare-free, flicker- and shadow-free lighting.


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    • LED RMD Slim Line with 24 Watt
    • LED with the highest colour rendition CRI = 90 (type 93)
    • Full daylight spectrum
    • Colour temperature approx. 5500-5700 Kelvin
    • Illuminance Power 4700 l x (measuring distance 40 cm)
    • No IR- and UV-light emission
    • Dimmable 100 -1%
    • Glare-free, flicker- and shadow-free lighting
    • Integrated state-of-the-art LED converter
    • No irritating separate power supply
    • High energy efficiency
    • 3-D-articulation at the lighting head for a large range of adjustability

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