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    SWISOTECH microfiber cloth in a noble case 25 Pieces

    Item No. 1154: Microfiber cloth for cleaning watches, jewelry, but also glasses


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    • Microfiber cloth for cleaning watches, jewelry, but also glasses
    • Cloth color: black with embossing by SWISOTECH
    • Size: 18 x 18 cm
    • Packed in a noble, multilingual folding case
    • Quality made in Germany
    • Individualized with your own brand on request

    You are looking for a microfiber polishing cloth? You need a microfiber cloth to clean, polish and care for jewelry or fine surfaces, e.g. made of glass? Whether watch, ring, chain, glasses, magnifying glass, camera lens, smartphone display, laptop or tablet - they all need the right care to give pleasure for as long as possible and shine like new. Our high-quality SWISOTECH polishing cloths are made in Germany and come packed individually in a multilingual printed folding case. On request these can even be printed with your unique personal logo.

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