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    Zeiss Pocket Magnifier D36 9x

    Item No. 2014.36: This compact pocket magnifier from the German manufacturer Zeiss will help you to see every detail flawlessly.


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    • Magnification: 9 times
    • Field of view: 32/52/127 mm
    • Aplanatic lens system

    Which magnifying glass do you need for gem and diamond grading? How to examine a diamond? Which loupe should you buy for diamond and gemstone viewing?
    Our high-quality gem loupes from renowned manufacturers such as ZEISS, ESCHENBACH or NIKON are valued by gemologists, jewelers and gem connoisseurs from all over the world and perfectly round off our range of gemmological instruments. We offer reliable and precise diamond magnifiers "Made in Germany" for the evaluation and classification of diamonds and other gemstones. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the jewelry industry and the vast expert knowledge of our team and partners, we know which jeweler's loupes are used by professionals in the industry for inspecting inclusions and detecting flaws inside of the stones. When you are working with something as precious as a diamond, you should choose an adequate tool!

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