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    300 x ecopack Hearing Aid Batteries PR70, Size 10, yellow

    Item No. V10EP: Economy pack with 300 or 50 blisters of 6 ecopack hearing aid batteries, PR70, size 10, yellow, quality from Varta, Made in Germany.


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    300 or 50 blisters of 6 hearing aid batteries of the quality brand ecopack from Varta - Made in Germany. The affordable powerhouse from top brand manufacturer Varta.

    • Hearing Aid Batteries ecopack Size p675 yellow
    • Package with 50 x blister of 6
    • IEC Type PR70
    • With zinc-air technology, mercury-free
    • Compatible with all conventional analog and digital hearing aids
    • Fully wireless compatible, i.e. highest sound quality for streaming hearing aids
    • Made in Germany
    • Capacity: 100* mAh
    • Voltage: 1.45 V
    • Height: 3.6 mm
    • Diameter: 5.8 mm
    • Weight: 0.31 g

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