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    600 x Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries PR70, Size 10, yellow

    Item No. D10: Economy pack with 600 or 100 blisters of 6 Duracell Activair hearing aid batteries, PR70, size 10, yellow, made in Germany.


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    600 or 100 blisters of 6 hearing aid batteries of the quality product Duracell Activair - made in Germany. The Duracell brand offers a particularly long-lasting, mercury-free hearing aid battery. runtime and the greatest possible comfort. Thanks to an extra long "EasyTab" tab, they are easy to grip, remove and replace, the process is easy and simple. The lightweight, yet strong, protective packaging keeps the batteries safe and secure, while also being easy to open and handle.

    • Hearing Aid Batteries Duracell Activair Size 10 yellow
    • Package with 50 x blister of 6
    • IEC Type PR70
    • With zinc-air technology, mercury-free
    • Compatible with all conventional analog and digital hearing aids
    • Made in Germany
    • Capacity: 100 mAh
    • Voltage: 1.45 V
    • Height: 3.6 mm
    • Diameter: 5.8 mm
    • Weight: 0.31 g

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