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SmartPro® Screen I - CVD Tester

Item No. 2853: A smart and fast diamond tester that can differentiated natural earth-mined coloress diamond (D-J, type Ia, Ib) from lab created or synthetic CVDs/HPHTs (type IIa, IIb).


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  • Can screen and identify earth mine colorless diamond (Color D to J, Type Ia, Ib) from Lab created diamond
    HPHT / CVD (Type IIa).
  • Can test from 0.01 ct. up to 12 ct.
  • Capable in checking the mounted stones (mounted jewellery with under hole only)
  • Result Indicating by bright LED lights with sounds
  • Ready LED indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Smart Touch Test Switch
  • New technology LED light source with high efficiency and mercury-free
  • Size: 125.62 mm (L) x 76.05 mm (W) x 65.15 mm (H)
  • Weight: 174.72 g. (Without Battery)
  • Our recommendation: Before, use the Smart Pro Reader to get sure, that it´s not a moissanite.

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How to check a diamond? How to distinguish natural diamonds from artificial, lab-grown diamonds? How do you protect yourself against attempts of deceive with artificial diamonds?
The SmartPro Screen I is based on the latest gemmological knowledge to automatically distinguish natural diamonds from artificial lab grown diamonds (HPHT/CVD). An easy way to validate the identity of natural or synthetic diamonds. The diamond tester is equipped with a special UV light which checks the absorption or permeability of UV light. The test result is indicated by a clear LED light signal as well as a sound signal. The portable diamond tester is powered by 4 standard AAA batteries.
Use this simple as well as reliable possibility to protect yourself from deception attempts with artificial diamonds and convince your customers with professionalism and good equipment.

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