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SmartPro® AURA Synthetic Diamond Screener

Item No. 2856: The first Synthetic Diamond Scanner that can screen automatically for mounted jewelry, but can also be used to test loose stones with various test result.


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  • Able to test mounted jewelries and loose stones, also bulk
  • Able to detect as small as 0.002 ct. stones
  • Identifies Diamonds, CVD, HPHT
  • Cubic Zirkonia (CZ) and synthetic Moissanite are identified and classified as „undefined“
  • Colorless to Near Colorless (D-K)
  • Automated test results
  • Auto-generated test result certification
  • 360-degree view for rings and jewelry
  • Detected stones auto-counting (separated mode)
  • No external computer / screen needed


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How to validate several diamonds at once? How to distinguish natural diamonds from artificially produced lab-grown diamonds? How do you protect yourself against attempts of deceive with artificial diamonds? SmartPro AURA is the first fully automatic diamond scanner that can reliably test and distinguish between large quantities of up to 576 diamonds at once. It can clearly identify natural diamonds and HPHT/CVD diamonds and displays non-diamonds such as moissanite as "undefined". The diamond tester can also count the number of each stone type automatically and provides a fluorescence test function. No additional devices are needed for operation, as the device is equipped with a Samsung smartphone, which serves as the computing unit, camera and operating unit.
Save a lot of time and test large quantities of loose and set diamonds automatically and reliably!

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